Questions and answers about the conversational approach

I love having conversations with individuals on the autism spectrum because each conversation provides a dynamic entry point into understanding the child’s sensory-driven perspective on the world.

These “autism conversations” help me talk with parents and teachers about the child’s worldview in understandable and compelling terms. It becomes readily apparent how understanding the child’s unique view of the world can serve as a bridge to teaching that child communication and social skills that are more challenging areas of development for that child.

Children love participating in the conversational approach because instead of being redirected away from the toys and topics they are passionate about, they are able to share their passions with others.

If we invite children to share their areas of interest with us, those children show us the entry point for teaching them to manage the social and language demands they face in their daily lives.

Last March I was interviewed by Michael Margolis as part of a live telecall. The interview provided an opportunity to talk about my approach to evaluating individuals on the autism spectrum; something I am passionate about. I invite you to read the transcript to learn more about the conversational approach.

You can also go to to listen to the interview.

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