As we move into 2012 I wanted to share my plans to provide autism evaluation trainings through my website.

Videoconferencing topics include:

Conceptualizing autism spectrum differences:

Learn how to use a visual framework that is in line with the DSM-V proposed diagnostic criteria to discuss autism spectrum developmental differences in individualized, nuanced terms

The “neuro-atypical” conversation:

Learn how to use the MIGDAS Diagnostic Student Interview to elicit a qualitative behavior sample as you develop the skills to share the unique perspective of children with autism spectrum differences

Interviewing parents and discussing the diagnosis:

Increase your understanding of the parent process when a child
undergoes an evaluation and learn to deliver the diagnosis in compassionate and accessible language

Narrative report writing:

Develop report-writing skills to include narrative descriptions of the child’s behavioral profile and learn to link the individualized profile to practical educational intervention strategies

Differential diagnosis issues:

Learn to distinguish between autism spectrum differences, ADHD, emotional/behavioral disorders, and intellectual disabilities. Learn to recognize conditions that can be co-morbid with an autism spectrum diagnosis.

Last year I met a long term goal of traveling to each of the 20 Education Service Center in Texas to provide statewide autism evaluation team training. This year, instead of traveling around the state, I am providing a 4-day autism team training through videoconferencing. Throughout Texas, 75 sites and over 500 clinicians are participating in this course.

If you are interested in scheduling autism team training through videoconferencing, contact me through my website at