As you may already know, Tony Attwood is a world expert in Asperger’s Syndrome ( He graciously wrote the forward for my book for autism evaluators, Autism Conversations, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the MIGDAS.

 In July of this year, I will have the opportunity to work with Tony in Brisbane, Australia. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is sponsoring a two-day Master Class entitled “Autism Conversations: Master Class with Professor Tony Attwood and Marilyn J Monteiro.”

Here is a link to the course description:

 Through an ongoing conversation, Tony and I will be addressing the following topics over the course of the two-day training session: conceptualizing autism spectrum differences, evaluating children and adolescents through conversational interviews, recognizing the unique profile in girls from childhood through adolescence, working with families to promote resiliency, and strategies for promoting positive emotional, social, cognitive and linguistic development in individuals with autism spectrum differences. 

 In addition, ACER is sponsoring one-day trainings with me in Melbourne and Sydney. These one-day workshops will focus on best practice autism evaluation methods and how clinicians can link autism evaluations to practical educational interventions.

 Here is a link to the course descriptions in Melbourne and Sydney:

 ACER distributes many quality educational and evaluation products, including my book and the MIGDAS. This will be my first trip to Australia and I very much look forward to autism conversations with my colleagues in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.