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Reveal the Story:
A Strength-Based Approach to Understanding the Autism Spectrum Brain Style

Dr. Monteiro’s work focuses on helping others learn to think — and talk — about the autism spectrum brain style in positive terms. She teaches others to understand and pay attention to what is relevant in the way each individual’s autism spectrum brain sees the world. Her approach guides clinicians, families, and autistic individuals to describe the autistic person’s unique and singular brain style profile of strengths and differences as a starting point for understanding, support, and collaboration.



Marilyn J. Monteiro, Ph.D.

Dr. Monteiro, a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology, is an expert in the area of autism spectrum brain style differences. She is the author of the MIGDAS-2, a strength-based diagnostic interview process, along with several books and journal articles.  She maintained a clinical practice in Dallas, Texas for four decades that specialized in supporting individuals with autism spectrum differences and their families, including assessment and counseling with autistic individuals and their families in her office practice, along with consultation in area school districts and training school assessment staff. Dr. Monteiro currently provides international training for clinicians in the areas of individualizing the autism assessment process, understanding and describing the individual’s autistic brain style profile of strengths and differences, developing  positive supports in tandem with autistic individuals across age and ability levels, and providing inclusive and strength-based family therapy to support individuals with autism spectrum brain style differences. She is currently working on a book for families and a workbook for clinicians.

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